More than a thousand years ago, in one of the famous cities of Mesopotamia, Madain, when the cruelty of Sultan was at its peak, upholding Justice was throwing one’s life into death’s jaw.

Karen is a seven-year-old child with his biggest possession being a birthday gift, a wooden sword, bestowed on him by his father. But on his very same birthday, things take a tragic twist, Sultan puts all who disobeyed him and their family to sword, as well as Karen’s family. Thanks to his uncle, Karen survives. They escape the city, and his uncle entrusts him to the loving family of Brochim, in a small village named Mahuza. Although Mahuza is always full of love and Karen receives plenty, no second passes without him mourning for his family and dreaming of finishing what his father has started.

Now, after twenty years, in Madain, Karen sees an opportunity to finally make his father’s wish come true, but he’s also aware of what it’s going to cost…